Cellugel Now Available from Resource Books



  • Cellugel is an archival quality solution for dry, flaking leather, commonly known as "red rot".  It's a highly effective product for preservation of old and powdery leather such as book covers.
  • Developed by professional book conservators
  • Easy to apply; absorbs throughout the entire thickness of the leather and dries in minutes
  • Stabilizes flaking and disintegrating old leather
  • Will not darken, discolor or leave film on leather surfaces
  • Will not harm paper or other book materials
  • Archival quality - a mixture of hydroxpropylcellulose and isopropanol, materials frequently used by book and paper conservators


One jar (good for 50-60 books) - $26.99 plus shipping
Quantity Discounts Available

Inquiries, or to purchase, call 860-658-1191 or email [email protected].  Please provide zip code for shipping quotes.  We can ship up to four jars within the US for the price of one jar.